Comprehensive electro-technical offer

Our offer includes a wide range of sockets and electrical switches, electrical installation equipment, cables and wires, home automation systems, modern lighting, distribution boards, control and measuring equipment, and fuses. Thanks to this, we are able to meet the needs of both small and large installation projects.


Cooperation with renowned manufacturers

We understand how important it is to provide products that are not only reliable but also come from market-recognized manufacturers. That’s why Elektro-Partner has partnered with many renowned brands such as Legrand, Kontakt Simon, F&F Filipowski, Philips, Bitner, NKT, Dospel, Wago, and many others.


What do we offer?

Our offer is primarily aimed at installers, large enterprises, but also at retail customers. We focus on entities looking for not only standard solutions but also innovative technologies that can significantly improve the comfort and safety of using electrical installations.

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